An Error Occurred

message: Hibernate operation: could not execute query; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [select as id3_, thutuchoso0_.ma_mcc as ma2_3_, thutuchoso0_.machinh as machinh3_, thutuchoso0_.ten as ten3_, thutuchoso0_.don_vi as don5_3_, thutuchoso0_.dong_bo_mcc as dong6_3_, thutuchoso0_.noptructuyen as noptruct7_3_, thutuchoso0_.hien_thi as hien8_3_, thutuchoso0_.ngay_cap_nhat as ngay9_3_, thutuchoso0_.nguoi_cap_nhat as nguoi10_3_, thutuchoso0_.linhvuc as linhvuc3_, thutuchoso0_.coso_phaply as coso12_3_, thutuchoso0_.le_phi as le13_3_, thutuchoso0_.thoi_gian as thoi14_3_, thutuchoso0_.buoc_thuc_hien as buoc15_3_, thutuchoso0_.lotusid as lotusid3_, thutuchoso0_.kyhieulotus as kyhieul17_3_, thutuchoso0_.mathutuc as mathutuc3_, thutuchoso0_.donvilotus as donvilotus3_, thutuchoso0_.donvi_kyhieulotus as donvi20_3_, thutuchoso0_.phonglotus as phonglotus3_, thutuchoso0_.maqtlotus as maqtlotus3_, thutuchoso0_.phong as phong3_, thutuchoso0_.sttHienThi as sttHienThi3_, thutuchoso0_.coquanthamquyen as coquant25_3_, thutuchoso0_.coquanhoacnguoithamquyen as coquanh26_3_, thutuchoso0_.coquanphoihop as coquanp27_3_, thutuchoso0_.coquantructiepthuchien as coquant28_3_, thutuchoso0_.cachthucthuchien as cachthu29_3_, thutuchoso0_.doituongthuchien as doituon30_3_, thutuchoso0_.ketquathuchien as ketquat31_3_, thutuchoso0_.sobohoso as sobohoso3_, thutuchoso0_.yeucau as yeucau3_, thutuchoso0_.nhanxet as nhanxet3_, thutuchoso0_.hethongnhanxet as hethong35_3_, thutuchoso0_.ghiChu as ghiChu3_, thutuchoso0_.fileCommon as fileCommon3_ from thutuc_hoso thutuchoso0_, linhvuc linhvuc1_ where and thutuchoso0_.hien_thi=1 and (thutuchoso0_.linhvuc is not null) and (thutuchoso0_.don_vi in ('001' , '-1-1-1')) order by thutuchoso0_.noptructuyen DESC, linhvuc1_.ten DESC]; SQL state [HY000]; error code [1030]; Got error 28 from storage engine; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Got error 28 from storage engine

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